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Do all type of bikes fit Signature e.g. gravel bikes?

Signature is made for adult race bikes with 700C wheels and 19-30mm wide tires.

Can I use Signature for different bikes with different tire and frame sizes?

Signature is adjustable within limits, although it takes a moment to make these adjustments so you probably don't want to do it too often. With that said, Signature is that type that wants to stay married to one bike.

Can Signature be installed on a plasterboard wall?

Yes, Signature can be installed on a plasterboard wall if you use appropriate wall ankers, ask your local specialized dealer.

Will Signature harm my bike in any way?

The bike isn't clamped by or hanging in Signature, it's standing on its wheels.

Can I do maintenance and repairs on my bike when it stands in Signature?

Signature is not a maintenance rack and we strongly advice you to not do maintenance work on your bike when standing in Signature.

Kickstarter offer / price?

The Kickstarter offer for Signature is approximately 1 000 USD depending on your location, that being the price without retailers markup.

EU Members

We're based in Sweden (EU) so VAT is included and there will be no duties for EU based costumers/backers.

EU Friends

VAT is excluded and there will be no duties for: Andorra, Japan, Lichtenstein, Malaysia, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, San Marino, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Non EU

Non EU based costumers/backers will be charged for customs duties and sales tax by our currier when they receive their package.


Please drop a line if you couldn't find what you where looking for. Thank you so much for reaching out.

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